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Users are clan leaders for a small rat post, they will defend your rats from predators and monstrous creatures. User’s main goal is to build the largest ‘Ratropolis!’ Make your rats talk about it for a thousand years.

In the game, a player can choose 80 cards consisting of resources, armed units, construction, and combat support to activate strategic command. User will be given 8 basic cards at the start. User will then re-draw used cards from the card pool. Building an efficient card deck is key to protecting your rats from waves of strong enemies. Other than obtaining new cards, a user can also upgrade or remove cards from the card pool to create their own deck.

Defending your rats in the city will be a challenge. Select an adviser with a talent in finance, defense or leadership. They will provide better options when a player encounters chaos in the city. As the city falls, the campaign will end, but at the same time new cards will become unlocked and expand a player’s card pool based on stage completion. Make each defense a new experience with the addition of new cards.

Survivor rats expect you to lead them in the new outpost. Build your history and ‘Ratropolis’ by playing cards strategically!


Unique game concepts:

- Time is also a resource. Real-time deck building card game.

- Cute rats are protagonists instead of feral cats.

Very addictive gameplay:

- A game that is easy to play but difficult to master.

- Highly engaging game that requires quick judgment and response from players.

- Various random elements give a new experience to users every round.

- Short play time makes gaming experience more intense, and unlockable elements make players stronger after every play.

Various game contents:

- More than 80 unique cards

- More than 30 events to check out the story of rats

- Choose your own adventure! 6 different possible endings.

- 4 different leaders! Each with their own style and traits.

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Updated 14 days ago
Published 17 days ago
StatusIn development
GenreCard Game, Simulation
Tags2D, Casual, Deck Building, defense, Real time strategy, Roguelike, Tactical

Install instructions

Only run on Window 7, 8, 10 (64-bits)


Ratropolis_Demo_v1.4(ENG).zip 141 MB
Ratropolis_Demo_v1.4(KOR).zip 141 MB


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Cool idea and quite the challenge with the later enemies. Can't wait for the release. :)

I wanna download this game! I'm lovin it!

Hello i discover your game on the youtube chanel of Dan Field and i really want to test it on live on my twitch chanel i'm a very small french streamer but i wanted to ask if it was ok for you if i stream your game ?

Of course! It's a great honor for me!
I hope your streaming goes well!

Ok thanks I was almost sure, it was ok but I preferred ask before ^^

This game is ridiculously addictive and I have loved playing this demo. Fantastic job.

Thank you for playing. I love the word "addictive."

One exploit that I would like to point out, if you build two upgraded altars you can use them to completely stop the waves, and then you can have all the time you want, assuming that you constantly make sacrifices, Aztec style.

It's a way of playing games, but it seems to be too efficient. The balance of the altar will be adjusted.

Hello i got a real problem , i restart game because he crashed and i lose all my save :( Idk if it's because it's demo or not

I'm sorry about that. I'll find the cause of the problem and try to solve it. 

Just discovered a new area, and it's astonishing:

I love the game! Just one exploit I would like to point out, if you are using the military leader and you use rally in combination with his active ability, you can get absurdly powerful units, I had units in the 90s on health and 30s on damage by the time the wave 15 demo end killed me.

Thank you for your feedback. We feel that the general's active ability and rally card need to be balanced too.

Had a lot of fun in this game, hope you all enjoy the game play video! 

Thank you for playing. I enjoyed the video!

An excellent, gripping game that glued me to the chair for several hours.  The graphics are enjoyable, the special effects are great, the random events add to the replayability value, and the game requires serious tactical thinking - managing your resources in a balanced way is the key to success, as is playing your cards in the correct order and using combos.

Anyways, I managed to survive until wave 15 and got close to restoring the city of Ratropolis to its former glory, before succumbing to the inevitable doom.

Also, regarding bugs, you apparently overlooked that achievements in the English version are untranslated from Chinese.

Your reply is really literary and wonderful. Thank you for playing.

poorly balanced...

Super cool concept! Really enjoyed it! Kinda got annihilated once the weasles attacked. Not really too sure how I could have turned that around aside from more units. Made a video, hope you enjoy! 

LOL It was really fun to watch your video. Thank you so much for playing my game and filming the video.
Weasels are really really scary...

Amazing demo guys, I played it for about 3 hours and added  it to my Steam wishlist. Ratropolis is a game I would buy.

I also featured the game on my blog, you can read it here: https://www.lostnoob.com/previews/ratropolis/

Thank you for your wonderful writing! I read the article, but I forgot to reply by mail. I'm sorry.
Watching the post about my game is really touching and motivates me to make a good game!

Thanks! Just some feedback:

- The cards that can completely change the strategy when you draw them are great. For example I liked Slums: with it you can have tons of units, but need to find ways to get income because tax will become 0.

- One thing I wasn't sure about as a PC player was the gold mine card. Need to click a lot and fast, not good for the hand with the mouse.

- It took me a bit of time to understand the Advisors system.

- For replay value after you complete the campaign, consider adding an endless mode where you are sure to die but try to beat old records, it would work well with the statistics. For example all enemy get +20% health after round 40, all enemy get +15% dmg after round 45...

- Another idea for replay value is adding random modifiers, see https://slay-the-spire.fandom.com/wiki/Ascension

Deleted post

Wow! You have a pretty good skill!
Thank you for having fun!

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!!

With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!!


Thank you very much for uploading the video! 

Hi, this game looks awsome. But i'm on linux machine. Is there any plan to release a Linux version?

Linux version is not supported at this time. I'll find a way to apply.
I plan to support Linux and MacOS in the early access version.

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thank you, looking forward to it! keep it up!

Wow, that was a fun game. I was a bit addicted until I level capped. I can't go past wave 15. Those weasels or whatever have a healer!

Level 15 is the demo wipe.  You're not intended to beat it in the demo version.

You're in the top 20% if you've gone up to 15 waves.

🧀🧀🧀 very cute! I don't like card games, but this one takes the cheesecake. Super cheesy, I'm sorry.

Good game, proud of you <3

Cheese is the only one. 

Fantastic Game! I'm go recording in YT!

Thank you! I hope you get a lot of views.

You make more games?

It's still only the Ratropolis.

I plan to focus on the success of Ratropolis.

Sorry i'm have Polish channel in YT:

watching the GIF and pic, my mind say "this game is amazing" to me

after watching the trailer "WOW that game is EPIC"

downloading now

Thank you for your kind comment! 

i never thought it will be in itch. you had my request on keymailer :)

wave 13/30 and i lost my city