A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

New game with combined genre of strategic survival, Sandbox, and city building simulation. 

Enjoy the simulation with vast world to adventure with a great number of contents. 

Build your own economical system to sustain your ideal city of Ratopia.

Economically active Ratizens

Citizens of Ratopia each owns wealth and characteristics.

There is no such thing as a free lunch!

Supply jobs and services for Ratizens to make all happy.

Create extraordinary Policies

Make a detailed policy to tax them all!

Shouldn't the people all work restlessly for more profit?

Create or prevent social disasters with own policies.

Diverse adventures placed Underworld

Explore and find the remains of the great old rats.

Bring prosperity to the city through great expeditions.

Some might woke up new apex predators, but who cares?

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StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
GenreSimulation, Strategy, Survival
Tags2D, Cartoon, Casual, City Builder, Controller, Economy, Management, Sandbox


Ratopia Demo Download (Window) 245 MB
Ratopia Demo Download (Mac) 255 MB

Install instructions

Only run on Window 7, 8, 10 (64-bits)


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How do I get my ratizens to fight?  I dug down, found an enemy... and the enemy sent an army into my base.  The tutorial was just telling me how to fight them all by myself, but I couldn't win that way.

I assume that if the entire city (or maybe just half the city) had mobilized against the invaders, we would have won, but the ratizens didn't do that automatically and I couldn't find a button for it.

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I loved the demo! I've played it for so long now, it's very addictive. 

I'm loving the game already. I'm likely gonna buy it the next time steam gives a discount.

It might be a stretch considering the game is still developing the fundamentals, but I think it would be very cool if you added a multiplayer option in a later update. I'd love to play this with 1 or 2 friends and I think it wouldn't impact performance a lot.

Other things I would recommend is an option to reactivate tutorials or see a wiki, because sometimes I forget mechanics after a couple of minutes. And an option to skip dialogs, because I read fast (or the explanation is redundant) and often I find it tedious to wait for the advisor to write the full paragraph of the tutorial to keep playing.

Other than that I'm not sure I can criticize anything else, because I never went all that far in the game and perhaps other ideas I have are already implemented. But I think it would be great if you added and official modding support. I can think about some nice ideas like personalizing the costume of the queen, his subjects and their guards. Or simply talking nonsense with our favorite subject while everyone else works. But you shouldn't work on mechanics so simple (yet, time consuming) when there's surely gonna be a modding community more than happy of doing it for you.


Will the game ever recieve an Itch, GOG, or Epic Games port?  As someone who can't access Steam and doesn't trust it, I'm wanting to know if I'll be locked out of the game or whether to keep up with it.

It seems really nice, but the tutorial texts are way too long and too slow. I got bored with mostly useless info. I would like to play it without the lengthy reading sessions.

I loved the demo! I've played it for so long now, it's very addictive. I have some constructive criticism:

> I think you should add more detailed information about how things work. Some mechanics are a little confusing. But you probably want to expand what's in the demo anyway. I'm excited for the full game! 

> The English translation has many errors and sounds confusing sometimes, too. I understand this is an indie game and you may not have the resources to correct it, but if you can, please do. The game looks great and the translation can scare some potential players.

> Perhaps options to make the game easier or harder? Controlling how many enemies appear or something. But maybe explaining the necessary measures to contain enemies will be enough 

In any case, keep up the good work :) 

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Loved the demo, I found a previous version a bit janky playing only with the keyboard, but the new option to use the mouse makes this game 10x more confortable to play!

All the ratizens are super cute and the game is quite addictive once you learned the basics, I like how all the little fellas ask you to build important things if you forgot/don't know about it, it makes the learning exponentially easier when you are already thinking about a lot of stuff to keep everyone alive.

I didn't found any game breaking glitches, although sometimes the game freaked out while in the building menu to place blocks on the world. It didn't happen everywere, but it scared me the 2~3 times it happenend.

All in all, very excited for a full release, good luck with this project!

The new demo version of Ratopia has been released.
Various features such as tutorials and mouse functionality have been improved for a more enjoyable experience.
We kindly ask for your attention and love!

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Quite fun, but i wish there was an option for the rats not to eat certain things i dont want them to eat ,,It made it harder to build any type of "farm" as they just ate it all before i could build what i wanted ,,Give us the option to move the main storage,, I think we should be able to train 2 soldiers per barracks as its time and space consuming having to build it every time for just 1 additional soldier when we need at least 3-4 to fight off the first wave without many deaths (could just be a skill issues tho :D) OR just give us an upgraded versions of the buildings that allows us to do that ,, But apart from those things i cant wait to the full game . Keep Up The Good Work!!!

Played the demo and I absolutely loved it, so excited for the full release. 

I'm complaining a lot, but can you make the farm be 5x as fast but give 5x less grain and use 5x less water pls

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I really like the demo. I've added this game to my Steam wishlist. I got to day 12 D:. Had to go logging -> circus -> barrels (put next to overworld water as rain wasn't enough to start)-> grain. Otherwise I kept starving ~Day 8 xD. Though I wish I could deconstruct the starting storage and move it closer to water.

what will be the difference between this one and the steam one, aprt from the 12 day limit?

The current demo version is a previously developed version, and the Steam version will provide more advanced content!


can you remove the 12 day limit if it doesn't have all the features?

And also, do other civs exist or not

I'm getting stuck on loading screen when I try to start new game.  It shows error message and never progresses any further. I'm running on Windows 10 (64-bit).

Sorry for the inconvenience!
I will fix it as soon as possible.

I fixed it! I'd appreciate it if you could play it after re-download.

It's working now! Yay!🎉

I can't find any water anywhere so I can't make a farm

In some cases, the water is too far away. In that case, I usually focus on meat or other food

nvm found some last night

ANd then the demo instantly ended

Deleted 349 days ago
Deleted 349 days ago

A bit of practical advice, you might want to rethink the logo of your game lest you fall victim to an even more powerful rat, if you get my jist.


"and city building simulation."


I noticed that if you want to start a new game you always have to follow the tutorial, will this later be optional?


Of course! We will change it so that you can set the tutorial on/off before starting or during the game.


I'm enjoying it so far,  as for now it's a bit of 'trial and error' as I've never played a game like this. 
I can't wait for the steam launch!


Nice game!

Thanks for the compliment.


So amazing! Looks like Craft the World inspired game, I love it. I would add blinking animation for the mouses, they would look more lively. 


Exactly! We were also inspired by Craft the World. It's a great game.

I agree that it would be great to add an blinking animation.